iOS to WP8: The First 24 hours

More apps will come, all the rest (the good ones) are difficult to implement. And Windows Phone 8 is already there…


It has now been over 24 hours since I moved from my iPhone running iOS to the Nokia Lumia 920 running WindowsPhone 8 (WP8).

First the Good:

I love the speed and responsiveness of the touch interface. There is no lag at all whenever I am typing or switching applications. I am becoming a fan of the WP8 “Live Tile” interface, though I was not at first.  I like that I can make each tile small, large, or wide to suit my needs. Just like with Android, I am fan of being able to customize my phone UI. Which you cannot do with the iPhone.

Wireless charging. You get a free “charge pad” when you buy the 920. This allows me to just lay the phone on the pad for it to charge. It is really hard to plug in a cable to charge? No. But it is great to…

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