What does DCDIAG actually… do?

Ψάχνοντας κάτι για DFS Replication έπεσα σ’αυτό το blog post κατευθείαν από το Directory Services Team. Όντως, τι ακριβώς κάνει το DCDIAG; Πάρα πολλά και εδώ εξηγούνται όλα: What does DCDIAG actually… do? – Ask the Directory Services Team – Site Home – TechNet Blogs.

Η φράση του Ned Pyle “Finally: this post is more of a reference than my usual lighthearted fare. Do not operate heavy machinery while reading.” περιγράφει πλήρως πόσο εύπεπτο είναι το ανάγνωσμα…


Coworking: the pivot in today’s transformation of work?

Many folks that adopt a telework or freelance work model and opt to work from home quickly come to miss the social aspect of their old work place.

In the US and Western countries, there has been a growing adoption of coworking spaces, where freelancers, employees of small businesses, or teleworkers can get the best of both worlds: they can work from a work space close to their home — thereby avoiding a long distance commute — but at the same time they can have the support and stimulation that comes from social interaction with well-known people other than your family.

Read the rest of the article of Stowe Boyd here: Coworking: the pivot in today’s transformation of work? — Online Collaboration.