30 Days With Windows Phone 7: PCWorld

Ο Tony Bradley του PCWorld πέρασε 30 ημέρες με ένα Windows Phone 7. Άφησε για λίγο το iPhone 4 του (ήταν και παλιός χρήστης Windows Mobile), στην αρχή χρησιμοποίησε ένα HTC HD7S με WP7 και από την 6η μέρα είχε ένα Mango HTC Focus με Windows Phone 7.5. Όλα τα links με τις παρατηρήσεις του εδώ:

Day 1: 30 Days With Windows Phone 7

Day 2: One ‘Mango’ Coming Right Up

Day 3: Introducing Live Tiles

Day 4: Apps and the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Day 5: Taking Apps Out for a Test Spin

Day 6: Let the ‘Mango’ Games Begin!

Day 7: Tie Messaging Together With Threads

Day 8: Ringtones, Screenshots, and Other Pet Peeves

Day 9: It’s All About “Me”

Day 10: Outfitting My “Mango” with Apps

Day 11: Following In the (Wrong) Footsteps of iOS

Day 12: Syncing My Outlook Contacts Is a Pain

Day 13: Pros and Cons of People Hub

Day 14: Mapping With “Mango”

Day 15: Xbox Live Gaming on WP7

Day 16: The “Full” IE9 Experience

Day 17: Taking and Sharing Pictures with WP7

Day 18: Productivity on the Go with “Mango”

Day 19: Diving Into the Office Hub

Day 20: Where’s the VPN?

Day 21: “Mango” Does Multitasking–Mostly

Day 22: Talking to “Mango”

Day 23: The Camera Isn’t Just for Pictures

Day 24: Find Your Lost or Stolen “Mango”

Day 25: Conserving Battery Power with “Mango”

Day 26: Must-Have Apps for “Mango”

Day 27: Your Mileage May Vary

Day 28: My Five Biggest Windows Phone 7 Complaints