Will your new computer be able to play an MKV file?

I was reading this article “How 4 Microsoft engineers proved that the “darknet” would defeat DRM” on how they were “attacked” for saying the truth. But what amazed me is a reader’s comment that the editor has also highlighted (that’s the quality of Ars Technica…). I copy parts of it:

What good is piracy if you can’t buy a computer that will execute your booty?

That’s the real problem. Yeah, it is impossible to make 100% of DRMed endpoints exfiltration-proof. However, your ability to make 95%+ of endpoints increasingly hostile to anything lacking a trusted DRM signature is constrained only by customer hostility, not by any technological barrier…

I totally agree. The millions of consumers that buy mainstream hardware and use mainstream software will find it really hard to use pirated material.

The issue of “monitoring” internet connections at home and businesses by organizations and copyright holders will be on another post…