Does a Mac need protection?

It is a long discussion for the last twenty years: Windows need constant maintenance and security software – Macs don’t have these problems. Until recently where thousands of Mac users realized that things are more complicated than presented by marketing gurus and Apple understood that its carpet has accumulated a lot of hidden issues. The “totally secure” trend has mainly changed due to the huge increase of sales of Apple hardware. But wasn;t this the reason of the Windows problems? Hundreds of millions of uneducated users and a legion of smart guys trying to rip them off?

TUAW posted this: Securing Your Mac – A Guide for Reasonable People, Version 1.0

They put a lot of attention on backup. Perfect! But, the funny thing is here:

Do You Need Anti-Malware Software for Mac today?

My answer is no. Is it possible that at some point in the future, Mac OS X users will need to run real-time anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software? Yes. It is likely? No. Mac security software has not shown itself capable of catching new attacks in real-time, and there are not many attacks to be protected against.

So, why do you need tools like this?

The folks at CIRCL (Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg) created a free tool to detect when something has been added to the automatic launch settings for OS X. You can download it at and it will give you an alert whenever something is added to one of those folders.

They still can’t realize that the world has changed. We are not in the 80s with viruses (on diskettes only) easily counted with your ten fingers…


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