No internet connection? Fix the TV antenna!

A consortium of companies like Microsoft, BBC, Sky Broadcasting and BT has started trials of transmitting data in empty spaces of the radio spectrum used by terrestrial TV. If they are successful, they will create “super WiFi” networks in cities and rural areas. The Financial Times have the rest of the story: Microsoft trial to use UK TV signals for WiFi

The needs for bandwidth and coverage have exceeded the available infrastructure (and way of thinking till now) due to the explosion of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. That’s why in Japan, for example, KDDI, their principal telco provider, is setting up the largest nationwide WiFi network with 100,000 hotspots in less than 12 months. The most important thing is that the user’s device will switch between 3G (or 4G) to WiFi seamlessly without extra charges for the best experience. More on this here: KDDI and Ruckus Wireless Debut the World’s Largest Mobile Data Offload Network -PRNewswire.




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