Instant email: how we made Hotmail 10x faster

If you work with Hotmail, you’ll be very very happy. If you haven’t tried it yet, now it’s the best time to be really impressed. And don’t forget that you get an UNLIMITED mailbox for your messages (for normal email usage) with its “ever-growing storage” feature and you can set up your mailbox as an Exchange account in most mobile devices for the best experience (just use Everything about the speed upgrade here: Instant email: how we made Hotmail 10x faster.

To get an idea… The data speaks for itself:

Dec ‘10
June ‘11
Open message 3.3 seconds 0.18 seconds
Delete message 3.1 seconds 0.14 seconds
Compose new message 4.3 seconds 0.20 seconds

Data represents 75th percentile measurements from hundreds of runs of an automated test against a production server. Bandwidth is 300kb down/75 kb up/150ms latency, and browser is IE9.


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