Bring the power of Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive to your site

Almost everybody wants to integrate popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to their own site. Microsoft has made this task very easy for Live Messenger, Hotmail and Skydrive through some Javascript and the appropriate API. If you can handle some code, it’s fairly easy. If not, then just ask your nerdy dev friend to make the “adjustments”.

I liked this part:

Websites typically don’t just offer integration with one service provider. It is common for a website to want to enable sharing to multiple sites like Facebook and Twitter, or allow users to upload their photos from Flickr, Facebook, and SkyDrive.

One of the challenges with supporting services that identity multiple providers on a website is what many have dubbed “the NASCAR effect,” which is when a site has so many logos from so many different providers that it looks a little like a race car with too many corporate sponsors. This practice often ends up confusing users due to the paradox of choice.

To help with this, we make it easy for your app or site to check if a customer uses one of our services before even offering the option to connect.

More details and how to do the actual integration here: Developers: just a few lines of JavaScript connects your site to Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive.


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