Mono project: Take #2

It’s just a few days after I wrote about the Mono project and seems that my timing was not very good. The whole team was “disassembled” in the beginning of May due to the takeover of Novell by Attachmate. Mono is the implementation of  the .NET platform for Linux.

Fortunately Miguel de Izaca, the developer in charge of the project, took everything under a new startup called Xamarin and they have already started coding again. They promise us a commercial .NET solution for iOS and Android (probably MonoTouch under a new brand name), full support of the open source Mono and Moonlight (the Silverlight implementation) projects and a possible implementation of Moonlight for mobile devices and the Mac appstore. All Novell’s proprietary code will be rewritten. Waiting eagerly…

More here: Mono lives … in new startup Xamarin | ZDNet and at Miguel’s blog:


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