Noteslate – another approach to taking notes


Noteslate is promising another way to take notes. But will they deliver? The suggested price is also exciting: $99!


I copy from Noteslate’s website:


The NoteSlate is trying to define the product itself, archetype, electronic paper. We are trying to define this archetype for general public, bit against their today`s usual network expectations. It`s active, creative, you cannot browse the web, networks, read, watch, play… the Internet, social networks, connecting everywhere are just beginning, part of the contemporary future. Although with NoteSlate, you will have always something, what you can be in. We don`t want to be overwhelmed with technology. The biggest simplicity is enough to express the basics, to explain the idea. Today all the devices are for us technologies, screens, gates, glossy shining objects… we think you will be covered with that anyway. And fortunately you will have the NoteSlate. Maybe we would welcome something straight, less network connected, rural, almost natural, looking as a paper, physical, although very very useful. NoteSlate can be your own diary, notepad, writing memoir, for ideas, blurbs, hints, .. drafts,… your own world, you can believe on and you can create in. And you will love the wooden feeling of writing or drawing.


This low cost gadget is very useful for everyone in a daily life. You can keep it anytime with you. Every day you need some notes, meeting notes, sketches, concentrate on your work. This e-paper tablet could help you to make that process as simple as possible. Immediately. The low consumption technology is enough for that …. Our target are all the people out there (creatives, managers, accounts, planners, future thinkers, writers, drafters, teachers, children, schools, geeks, all living people also in the third world, who needs to grab ideas on the paper and are still doing that with pen. And for the lowest possible price, it will be accessible for all the parts of the world. And the highest value it has are your own notes, ideas,…

Technical description

In the form of NoteSlate was the simplicity as the main point. One colour defines it self. So we was trying to push the form into one compact flat surface. NoteSlate, lets call it paper A4+, has 210x310x6mm dimensions. The great slick design, thin body and beautiful raw screen brings the tablet further classic paper look and feel. The edges of the device are smoothly attenuate, and the display is visually connected to the body. The screen is matte again for paper feeling. The eInk monochrome display has 190x270mm, 13” diagonal (! 750x1080pixels), weight is 280g. There are three main physical buttons for amazing simple user experience: save current screen , view previous screen, delete current screen. On the top side are basic inputs (USB, switch, headphones, SD Card,..) and pen – the basic tablet input. Push that and the pen comes from the tablet. The basic model has the dark frame (turned off it is one flat surface). The whole NoteSlate product range is made from different color variations . Anyway always with one color scale display. We are planning also one special model, which has 4 (!) colors. One of the most important technical aspects is the low consumption, which gives the tablet about 180 hours life (about 3 weeks of regular daily work !!). NoteSlate is operated by own NS Firmware ver.0.7, which is just for basic drawings. There is also option for mp3 playback from headphones. In the future we will have option for NS Firmware 1.5 free upgrade of simple *.pdf text viewer / reader under Adobe license and we are preparing OCR recognition for written text. Part of NS Firmware will be published as open source for general usage.

Basic Characteristics

– REAL PAPER look design
– ONE COLOR display
– ONE TOUCH ability just with pen / eraser
– 210x310x6mm thin body
– 13 inch matte monochrome eInk display
– 190x270mm active display, 750x1080pixels
– 180 hours battery life (almost 3 weeks of daily work !)
– 280 g weight !
– basic inputs: pen with eraser, USB mini, SD Card, Jack 3.5 mm, AC/DC 12V
– Wi-Fi module on request with order (no added charge (!)
– no web browsing !
– end price $99
– ONE POINT OF SALE – NoteSlate online e-store

Special patents

– simple three button physical interface ( SAVE CURRENT SCREEN / SHOW LAST SCREEN / DELETE CURRENT SCREEN )
– pen magnetic holder directly on the tablet surface (throw the pen away and go !)
– any ordinary pen or pencil usage (works just on NoteSlate NATURAL model )
– real paper look and feel when using

Keith Combs’ Blahg

via Dig this slate device – noteslate®.


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