Install Nokia Drive+ for free on any Windows Phone 8 device


Αν έχετε ένα Windows Phone 8 οποιασδήποτε εταιρείας (π.χ. HTC), η Nokia ξεκινά το 2013 με το δωράκι που περιμέναμε από τις παλιότερες ανακοινώσεις. Microsoft και Nokia κράτησαν την υπόσχεσή τους και μπορούμε πλέον να έχουμε το Nokia Drive (με τα offline maps και τα άλλα καλούδια) δωρεάν. Προς το παρόν είναι beta, αλλά σύντομα θα έχουμε και το τελικό.

Πληροφορίες από τη Nokia εδώ:

Το κατεβάζετε εδώ:



Docear – An academic literature suite for searching, organizing and creating academic literature

Are you working on a thesis? Are you a researcher managing a lot of reference material for a paper? Docear can solve most of your problems in searching, organizing and creating academic literature. Docear was created by German developers to address these issues first through SciPlore mind mapping software and now through their latest software suite. Give it a try:

I like the name of the product/company:

The term ‘Docear’ has two meanings. First, Docear is an allusion to “dog-ear”, the folded down corner of a paper page.  Second, “docear” in Latin means “I may be taught”.

Smartphones, Silly Users | Harvard Business Review

Very interesting (and frightening) reading…

First, we don’t remember anything anymore. Research shows that we’re increasingly outsourcing our personal memory banks to Google and other search engines, effectively wiping our own brains of easily accessible information. But as the growth of apps per device skyrockets and user interfaces simplify, we’re relying on more cognitive crutches than ever. Can’t recall the name of your coworker? Don’t worry; their LinkedIn profile is just a few taps away. Forgotten the name of that Japanese restaurant down the street? Yelp it up! Look for our memory gaps to grow as we train our brains to recall where information is located, rather than remembering the information itself.

The rest is here: Smartphones, Silly Users at

Computer magazines in the 80’s

Who remembers what was the main feature of some of the computer magazines in the 80’s? Pages of long program listings that had to be typed and checked. And we also had the opportunity (and challenge) to transfer a nice program from one platform to another (we had dozens at that time).

For those that lived the era of “home computers”: First encounter: COMPUTE! magazine and its glorious, tedious type-in code | Ars Technica.

Using Windows 8′s “hidden” backup to clone and recover your whole PC | Ars Technica

Looking for missing Backup functionality in Windows 8? Everything is still there plus a much improved File History. If you want to create an image of your hard disk, look for Windows 7 File Recovery (strange? I missed that too the first time…). For the details: Using Windows 8′s “hidden” backup to clone and recover your whole PC | Ars Technica.

Tip: If you want to enter Advanced Startup Options during boot, just hold Shift while booting…

Why Xbox failed in Japan

When it came to the Xbox, the befuddling feedback continued. “We were told we couldn’t call it the Xbox because X is the letter of death,” Fries remembers. “We were told we couldn’t make it black because black is the colour of death. I was like, isn’t the PlayStation black? Rules that apply to you as an outsider don’t necessarily apply to insider products.”

A very long but amazing reading. From Wesley Yin-Poole at Eurogamer: Why Xbox failed in Japan.

A nice Metro code editor for Windows 8

Code Writer is a free text and code editor app with active syntax highlighting that updates as you edit documents and has 20 supported file types. A tabbed document interface allows for quickly switching between open documents.
Screen shot 2

The app has been built from the ground up with Windows 8 design principles in mind. It’s fast and fluid, and gives you the power to edit documents with features you’d normally only find in desktop apps. Code Writer is perfect for editing any text-based file, doing code reviews, or giving presentations with code samples.

The core text editor screen allows you to edit documents in full-screen mode without chrome distractions. Only the scrollbars and line/column display are visible by default. Find/replace and advanced features like tabify lines and convert case are available.

Find it on the Windows Store: